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About Us:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for inquiring about Edricks Fine Drycleaning, an award winning drycleaner in Farmington, Connecticut. It is our goal to provide you with quality, service and attention to detail that not only meets your needs but exceeds your expectations. Edricks Fine Drycleaning has been serving the needs of the Farmington Valley for over 35 years. We have assembled a team of professionals that are true experts in the fabricare field. Edricks cleans and restores everything from a fine couture suit to casual wear, bridal gowns, fine linens and draperies.

We keep abreast of designers’ new fashions and make it our business to know how to properly clean these garments. All lapels on jackets and edges on ties are softly rolled because we know how important it is to the overall look of a garment. We soft-press and steam soft wool garments for minimal seam impressions and measure angora and silk sweaters to ensure a proper fit after cleaning. Our tailoring deparment will custom fit your new or old wardrobe and make sure that all garments are ready to wear.

Edricks Drycleaning is very concerned about the environment. We recycle all hangers and poly bags and developed cleaning method alternatives that use water instead of solvents. We follow strict practices to ensure that our equipment is running efficiently and your clothing is returned chemical and odor-free. The commitment to quality, service, and attention to detail has made Edricks the premier drycleaners in Connecticut.