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Fur Cleaning & Storage: 

We understand that your fur garments represent a significant investment. At Edricks, we have been specializing in the cleaning, restoration and storage of fur jackets, coats, stoles, hats and other fur-trimmed garments for over 35 years. With exposure to heat and humidity, the skins may become dried out and brittle and the fur will lose its luster. With our time-tested cleaning methods, we will carefully restore the skins and keep them looking soft and supple.

We begin by inspecting each piece for wear, skin damage or any tears that the skin may have. All fur garments are cleaned in old-fashioned wooden drums and then glazed to retain their beauty for years to come. We recommend storing your pieces in our temperature-controlled fur vault during the summer months to prevent skin or insect damage and keep them looking like the day they were bought.

We also expertly perform all kinds of repairs and alterations on your favorite pieces. Completely bonded and insured. Call us at 860-677-2030 or email at dryclean@edricks.com for free pick up and delivery service.