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Handbags and Luggage: 

Edricks Fine Drycleaning takes special pride in the restoration of all your fine handbags and luggage. We have successfully restored bags from Gucci, Prada, Coach, Hermes and other designer pieces. We have over 35 years of experience in the restoration field, and regularly consult with handbag designers and retailers about restoration projects. With our unique hand cleaning and restoration process, we will individually remove stains and recondition your treasured bags to like new condition. Our on site tailor will make any necessary repairs to buckles, straps, zippers, clasps or other trim. We will also add a stain repellant to your bag to help prevent future stains. You may bring your bag or luggage to our Farmington Avenue location or use our Dryclean By Mail service to ship directly to our plant. Once we receive your package, we will access the condition of the bag and consult with you about the cleaning and restoration. You may also e-mail detailed photos of the bag and I will call you for an initial phone consultation.

Pricing: Once we receive the bag, we examine it closely to prepare an estimate of charges. Pricing depends on many factors including the staining, size, condition and repairs. A typical bag would start at $55.00 and average at $75.00. We would give you a firm cost for cleaning and restoration before we begin the process.

*Our technicians will make every attempt to safely remove all stains, however please be aware that certain stains may not be removable due to dye stability or bag construction and trim. We will consult with you before cleaning and advise you of areas where staining cannot be removed.