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You can now bring Edricks Fine Drycleaning right to your home or office with our Free Pick up and Delivery Service. There is no need to be home to take advantage of the service and we bill through all major credit cards. We currently service the towns of Farmington, Avon, Simsbury, Canton, Burlington, Bloomfield, and West Hartford.

Choose the service that best fits your life style

Regular Service: This is our award winning service for customers that use drycleaning at least once a month. We put you on an automatic twice weekly schedule….so there is no need to call us for service. For emergency requests, please call us at 860-677-2030 or e-mail at dryclean@edricks.com for fast response. No minimums.
On-Call Service: This service is designed for customers that have occasional cleaning needs, but want the same great quality, service and attention to detail. Call or e-mail us for service and we will pick up the same day before 3:00. We will deliver 3 days later on your next scheduled day. No Minimums!!

Pick up and Delivery Requests

New Customers: To begin service as a new customer, please click on the New Customer link to submit your new customer application. You will receive a call to confirm your registration and pick up and delivery schedule. We will drop off a personalized laundry bag and all other materials needed to begin the service. Garments picked up will be delivered on your next service day, 3 days later. There are no minimum requirements and we would be happy to accommodate you with any special requests. Please call us at 860-677-2030 or email at dryclean@edricks.com with any questions.  We look forward to working with you and your family.

Current Customers: To request a pick up or to make special arrangements(our specialty) please click on Request a Pick-up.